Weight Watcher Activity Points Calculator

Weight Watcher Activity Points Calculator Weight Watcher Activity Points Calculator

How to Use Weight Watcher Activity Points Calculator

When you are interested in becoming Weight Watchers member, you’ll be shown and guided about how to use your point. In Weight Watchers program, points here are actually just the same as having calories counting. Although they have developed different kinds of methods and forms, the points are just the same. You could count you activity point by using Weight Watcher activity points calculator.

Here’s the way to calculate your points:
• You need to calibrate the scale by weighing yourself. If it’s correct, weigh yourself and write it down.
• Do any kind of exercise for about 10 minutes. write down whether you’re doing low intensity exercise (no sweat), moderate (you sweat a bit), and high one (you sweat immediately right after 3 minutes)
• By using the point booster tool you will get from the program, do alignment of your training intensity with how long you’ve exercised. You’ll be shown your activity point.

However, some people state that you don’t have to be the member to use Weight Watcher activity points calculator because you can basically buy the device at any Weight Watchers facilities or meetings. Once you know how to earn the point, you can use any kind of calculator you want to have a go on your activity point.

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